Unveiling the World of Delectable Barbecue and Ovens from BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u is well known in the UK for offering delicious barbeque foods since 2002. These days, they have started selling ovens from different brands in the UK and also offering after-sales services.

Now BBQs 2u has a special Kadai fire table that works as both a barbecue and a fire pit. It looks nice and is useful. When used with the Curved Benches, it is great for gatherings.

The Kadai is a fun way to cook and then enjoy a fire with friends, offering tasty food and warmth.

For a long time, the Kadai has been used in Rajasthan, India, to make delicious curries. They come in different sizes, even as big as 180cm for special occasions.

The 70cm Firebowl includes the Holi Grill, Kadai Beads, Shield, and Tongs, and can also hold the Cooking Tripod and other cooking items.

You can store logs under the table, making it look nice and practical. It is fantastic for spending time with loved ones and friends. You can use the mango wood table to prepare food, drinks, and snacks together.

The table is made from sustainable hardwood and recyclable mild steel. It is 120 cm in diameter and 52 cm tall. The fire-bowl has a diameter of 70 cm.

Here is a few information:

  • Safety note: When the Fire-bowl is hot during use, the table may warm up. Avoid leaving glasses unattended for extended periods.

  • Not Compatible With: Hot Plate, Warming Rack, Kadai Lid, Rotisserie, and Asado Cross.

It is fascinating to explore the perfect combination of sustainability and culinary excitement with the Kadai Recycled Firebowl.

Constructed from recycled materials, this adaptable firebowl is not just a fashionable enhancement to your outdoor area.

It is also your gateway to preparing delectable live-fire dishes while reducing your environmental footprint.

The barbecue fire bowls are not only beautiful but also practical. They are made by Indian household workshops using repurposed oil drums.

Metal plates are hand-cut and riveted traditionally for strength and durability. They also have the identical drop handles as the Original Kadais.

For the perfect barbecue experience – You will get everything in one

  • The Kadai is a versatile barbecue and firebowl that can grill, smoke, bake, or slow roast, offering all-in-one functionality.
  • Kadai Accessories are designed to enhance the cooking experience, drawing inspiration from traditional global cooking techniques to complement any Kadai setup.

Here is a few information about the versatile Recycled Kadai and its components:

  • The Recycled Kadai is versatile and can be used with a High Stand for barbecuing or a Low Stand as a firebowl.

  • Available in three sizes, each kit includes Kadai Beads (for bowl protection and insulation), a removable Grill, Tongs, and a Wire Brush.

The big Recycled firebowls are available in two sizes:

  • The 100cm Kadai Recycled Firebowl

  • The 120cm Kadai Large Recycled Firebowl.

Indeed, the Kadai is born from a passion for outdoor living, social gatherings on warm summer nights, and the joy of barbecuing.

It serves as a source of inspiration for everyone, from beginners in barbecue cooking to seasoned live-fire chefs.

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