Top Dishes in Australia by Ido Fishman

Now that the pandemic is almost fully controlled around the world, people are now packing their bags to travel around the world. Now that the travel restrictions are being lifted in Australia, people are getting ready to travel to Australia. One of the major things on their list would be different food places all over the country. However, things become difficult when people actually get there and want to know the places. There are so many dishes in Australia that one would get confused going for the right one.

This is the reason why Ido Fishman, an expert and veteran chef has listed some of the most prominent and tastiest dishes in Australia. Ido Fishman is an expert in the French Cuisine Course and Australian Cuisine Course. He has shared information about the top dishes in Australia through his Ido Fishman Food Blog. This would make things much easier for you when you travel Australia and want to try the dishes.

Ham and Pea Soup

If you are visiting Australia in winters then this is a must have dish in Australia. The dish has origins going all the way back to Britain and has an essence what the British had back in the 1800 and 1900 centuries in abundance. It is one of the simplest and most consumed soups in Australia. If you go to Australia, then it is a must for you to visit the farmhouse kitchens in the countryside. That is where you would find the locals there to be serving the Ham and Pea Soup.

Majority of the countryside locals in Australia love add-ons to the Pea and Ham Soup that include smoked sausages or variants of sausages.


According to Ido Fishman, there are high chances that the locals may not recognize the dish if you call them Lamingtons. In Australia, these are known as the National Cake of Australia. The Australians have even given it the title of being the iconic favorite dish in the country.The Lamingtons are known to cakes that are square-shaped. They are coated in a layer of desiccated coconut and chocolate icing. Most of the times, the bakers like to make it with two halves. In the middle of the cake, the bakers like to add jam or ice cream layers.

If you were to travel to Australia, you would be able to find it in almost every café in the country. It has a perfect combination with coffee and tea.

Salt and Pepper Calamari

It is one of the easiest and the quickest dishes to make in Australia. Its simplicity and making process makes it extremely convenient for every Australian to make it and have it whenever they want. In the dish, the calamari or the squid is covered in pepper and salt batter. Once the initial part is taken care of, the next step is to deep fry it. Most of the times, the people in Australia like to have it as sort of a snack. This is often eaten with a side salad as well as sweet chili sauce by dipping the snack into it.

Fish and Chips

Just like the United Kingdom, the people in Australia love to have Fish and Chips. It is yet another easy and convenient dish to make and you would find it at every corner of the street. Most of the times, the people living close to the coastlines would be accustomed to having it on a daily basis. While it can stuff your belly for half the day, the people in Australia like to have it as a snack.

Being in the middle of the sea has its benefits for Australia as it always has fresh fish. With a fresh fish, the restaurants or fish and chips vendors serve it to you with lemon and salt. This is something you can have when you have to keep going in between your trips to Australia.

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