Things You Might Not Know About Fried Chicken

There are lots of people who don’t even know where the Fried Chicken came. So, in this article, you will get to know some interesting and unknown things about Fried Chicken. It is one of the most liked and delicious foods n the face of this Earth. Take a look at these things and surely you will find something.

1: Fried Chicken was invented by Scottish

It was the Scottish people who were the first ones to deep-fry chicken in fat. At that point, the rest of the world was still eating baked or boiled chicken. It was the West African cuisine and Scottish precedents that combined the fat and seasoning together and gave the present day fried chicken recipe.

2: Before World War II, Fried Chicken was only Special Occasion Dish

Until the year 1900s, fried chicken was only reserved as a special occasion dish. The main reason was due to the scarcity of spring chickens in the old times. Plus, there were not that much advance machines which can prepare fried chicken quickly and easily without any hassle.

3: Slavery and Segregation caused the rise of choice

It was slaves who kept the chickens. During the time of segregation, the slaves ran out of food and had to eat something that was accessible. The last option was to eat the chicken somehow. The fried chicken was their go-to dish and that’s what made it popular.

 4: Not All Chickens Are Suitable For Eating

In the old days, only the young chickens were used for frying as they were considered ideal for high heat and fast cooking. Today, most of the chickens that you find at supermarkets or butcher shop have been bred specifically so that they are suitable for eating.

5: Korean Fried Chicken is the Most Popular Chicken All Over the World

It was the recipe of Korean chicken that intimidated people all over the world. It is commonly associated with America, but the real recipe came from Korea. You can contact Gami Chicken whenever you want to eat fried chicken in Australia.

6: There are Three Primary Frying Methods

When it comes to frying chicken, there are three methods. The first is deep frying which is also the easiest method. The second is pressure frying which takes less time than traditional deep frying. Then the third kind is pan-frying in a cast-iron skillet which is the oldest technique to fry the chicken.

7: Pressure Fryer is the key for KFC

The most popular chicken internationally is KFC. You will be amazed to know that the owner used a pressure cooker and converted it into a pressure fryer to cook the chicken with the same quality as pan and it took less time.

As you can see, fried-chicken isn’t just random food which is loved all over the world. It has been a favorite dish for a very long time. If you live in Australia, then visit and you can taste the Korean Fried Chicken.

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