The Michelada is More than Just a Beer Cocktail

Michelada is a Mexican beer-based cocktail that has a spicy kick. This beverage is easily adaptable to various preferences and tastes. That is why Micheladas can be prepared in a variety of ways with beer as the base and the addition of salt, lime juice, hot sauces, chilis, and assorted spices. The spiciness of this cocktail makes it a great cure for a hangover. It appeals to bartenders both for its classic blend of flavors that can be easily applied to a range of cuisine and as a way to provide a cocktail without the need to acquire a liquor license.

While the recipes vary in Mexico, Micheladas contain a mix of Maggi liquid seasoning, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, and some kind of picante. The drink is served in a glass with ice a salted rim. But, in other countries, people prefer to buy michelada mix in 6 packs or 12 packs.

The Increasing Popularity

The Michelada cocktail has been the top choice in Mexico and Cuba since the 1950s and this trend is moving north. While recipes by vary regions, traditional ingredients include lager beer over ice, Tabasco, juice from one lime, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of salt. Mexicans celebrate the Michelada Day on the 12th of July in Mexico. People celebrate it by making and drinking it. Traditionally, bars in Mexico serve the cocktail on the rocks, usually garnered with a lime or orange wheel.

The Michelada is like a Mexican bloody may with beer instead of vodka. Traditionally, it is thought to cure hangover because of its spiciness and a lot of people insist it is quite good. That is why the drink is showing up on drink menus even outside of the Texas-Mexico joints. However, anyone can enjoy it at home, especially if someone else prepares it for them.

It Pairs Well with Latino Food

This Michelada cocktail is a perfect complement to Latino food. It goes perfectly with shredded pork stew spiked with smoky chipotle tomato sauce. This is a classic pairing in Cuba. A lot of Michelada lovers find the combination a perfect way to lighten up the meal. Also, the Michelada provides Latino food with a different dimension. The lime produces an acid that brings out the flavors in both the beer and food. To enjoy a great Michelada, it is important to have the key ingredients including fresh limes, hot sauce, coarse salt around the rim, and Mexican beer. But,

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