Selecting Between Proposal Rings: Check These Pointers!

Your proposal is an event that your lady is going to cherish all her life, and you better do it right. While other arrangements, including the venue & settings, do matter, you have to be more cautious about the ring. With numerous jewelers, finding the right proposal ring in Singapore is not hard, more so because there is a huge collection of designs and styles. Many jewelry stores also have online portals, so you can even place an order online, provided you know her ring size. So, what does it take to select between various proposal rings? We have a few pointers for help.

Decoding diamonds

While options like sapphires, artificial diamonds, and emeralds are getting popular in context to proposal rings, diamonds remain the most popular choice. There are four aspects to selecting a diamond –

  1. Measured on a scale of D to Z, diamonds are more expensive when colorless. Diamonds with D-color rating are the rarest.
  2. Often considered to be the most important factor, diamond cut refers to how the stone has been cut to reflect light.
  3. If the diamond doesn’t have too many inclusions or blemishes, it is likely to cost a lot more, and that’s called the standard for clarity.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, carat refers to the weight of the diamond and not the size. Of course, if a diamond is bigger, it would cost more.

Selecting a jewelry store

When it comes to engagement and proposal rings, you must select a jeweler you can rely on. For diamonds, certification is a critical factor, and you have to select a store that offers certified diamonds with a bill. Should you buy a proposal ring online? Absolutely, provided you can trust the jeweler. Make sure that you check for all the details.

What’s the best metal for diamond proposal rings?

Both platinum and yellow gold are traditional options for diamond rings, but you can also consider rose gold as an option. Diamond jewelry is usually made in 18k gold, so keep that in mind, and the price depends on the weight and other factors of the stone, as well as, as the metal used for the band. The shape of the diamond also has a say in the price, so a heart-shaped diamond is rarer than a round-shaped one.

Check a few stores now to find more on their latest designs in proposal rings.

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