Keep Hunger Pangs at Bay with These 5 Wholesome Items from McDonald’s

Did you know that scientists have now come to a conclusion that hangry (hungry+ angry) is a real, measurable emotion that can affect you at any time? When you are hungry, your blood sugar drops and cortisol and adrenaline levels increase in the body. This leads to building up of chemical reactions in the body which are similar to anger. Not cool, we know.

So you see, it is totally possible to not be in a super great mood when you are hungry. And since you have absolutely no control over these chemical reactions that can happen in your body, you should rather focus on eating well when hunger strikes. At McDonald’s India, we have many menu options that not only taste good but can ward off the stubbornest kinds of hunger. And it is a lot more than a quintessential McDonald’s burger. Here are five menu items served at McDonald’s India that will keep hunger at bay for hours. Read on.

Maharaja Mac

India’s delicious answer to the Big Mac, the Maharaja Mac burger is loved by food connoisseurs and amateurs alike. The burger packs a whopping 32 gm of protein, thanks in large to the double layered chicken patty. The burger also comes packed with several vegetables, such as onions, tomatoes, lettuce and jalapenos which add in the necessary fiber. A combination of protein and fiber means a full tummy that won’t growl for hours later.

Big Spicy Chicken Wrap

The name says it all. The wrap is big and has the goodness of chicken in it. And the Big Spicy Chicken wrap is not just filling, it has a taste that will make you want more with every bite. The best part about this McDonald’s menu item is that you can have it on the go. No dripping sauce, no messy fingers. Just wholesome food can be ordered easily at a store or via McDelivery.

Big Spicy Paneer Wrap

For vegetarians, the Big Spicy Paneer does the same job. It keeps you full, the spiciness of the patty keeps you hooked and the lettuce gives a fresh, cooling twist to the wrap. And here is the best part. All wraps at McDonald’s India (West & South) come in whole wheat now. Whole wheat wraps are something that fitness freaks across the globe swear by. This one is a must try Paneer wrap!

McChicken Meal

If you are one of those who love your fries and coke as much as you love your chicken burger, then a McChicken Meal is exactly what you should order. The crunch of golden, crispy fries, along with every sip of your favorite soft drink at just the right temperature, make sure your meal feels nothing less than grand.

McVeggie Meal

For all those busy days when you have no time to go grab a bite, or even think of what to order, you can do a simple thing that won’t take more than a minute. Just open your McDelivery app and order McDonald’s meals. If you have vegetarian friends waiting at your place or team members who are working late on a presentation, you know how to make them happy without a sweat. McDonald’s meals are a saviour.

McDonald’s is a place where you can get something for every kind of hunger. If you want an evening snack, look no further than Chicken McNuggets, Veg Pizza McPuff or a McAloo Tikki. If you are thirsty this summer, the latest drinks under our Summer Splash section will do the needful. And as explained, when you are really, really hungry, McDonald’s has many options as well. Just make sure you have the McDelivery app downloaded in your phone. Save your favourite lunch and dinner menu items so that it doesn’t even take a minute when you order next time. Bon Appétit.

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