How to drink and not get drunk

It’s super easy to take a few alcoholic drinks at a time and end up drinking more. Despite what other people are doing, you don’t have to compete with them. You understand your financial strength and the money you want to spend on your favorite pink kitty liqueur. Every person has a different capacity of alcoholic drinks to take in a day. It’s easy to be slow with your alcohol and exceed the number of drinks. Here are tips that will help you enjoy your drink without giving in to the pressure from your friends.

Have your limits

Before drinking alcohol, know the number of drinks you want to drink and stick to it. Although experts recommend four to five drinks a day, you can go beyond this number. The reason is that people have different tolerance levels for alcohol. With that in mind, you need to choose a number that suits you well which you can manage.

Do you know how much your favorite alcoholic drink costs? If you plan to have a set number of the drinks, keep some extra cash as security. You will need it in case the price is high or you exceed your set number.

Avoid drinking alcohol quickly

Alcohol is a drink that you should have when you are free. Space out your drinks, and you will get surprised that you won’t get drunk. The time between one drink to the next should be around an hour. Make sure this time elapses before taking the next drink. Between the two drinks, you can have a bottle of water. You will enjoy your alcohol without getting drunk, even if you take more.

Learn to say no

It’s hard to resist peer pressure, but if you can say no when offered a drink, you are safe. Friends can call you for a drink, but they shouldn’t decide the amount you need. Take your time and drink the alcohol bought but be keen with your tolerance level. If you have a round table drink with colleagues, keep to your pace, not their pace. When you reach your maximum, excuse yourself and stop drinking.

Eat well before drinking alcohol

Alcohol isn’t good for an empty stomach. Make a healthy meal before drinking and after drinking. A heavy meal will help slow down the alcohol effects in your body. As seen above, you also need to take a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. The water might also help in lowering the alcohol content in the stomach.

Have an alternative plan

From the group you are drinking with, get someone to track your drinking and control you not to misbehave. The person will remind you if you forget your set target.

Apart from this plan, book a room before you start drinking. In case you get drunk and can’t drive home, sleep there until the next day when you are sober.

Join other activities in the club

To enjoy your alcohol well without getting drunk, engage in other activities in the club. You can play pool or even dart games. Such games will control your drinking speed, and you will have a great time as you enjoy your alcohol.

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