How To Bring Your Personal Touch To Your Wedding Menu

The wedding dinner or reception dinner is the best part of the wedding. This is when it is all over and the bride and groom can finally relax and enjoy themselves. Have a drink and get some food in their tummies. This is traditionally the time that all the guests can relax also and have a little fun. Drinking alcohol is usually the main event. However, it is time to enjoy a splendid meal that is not only extravagant but reflective of the tastes and culture of the bride and groom.

The idea that the reception meal would be culturally based is something old and something new.

Custom wedding catering could furnish the traditional meal at the wedding parties’ home country. If you are getting married in China, then you would have Chinese food. However, with the great cultural exchange of people around the world, it has changed. Mixed marriages are common as rain nowadays and that is great, especially from a food perspective. A woman from Africa is marrying a man from China… Wow, imagine the food. It would be fabulous. Ethnic foods and ways different cultures serve and eat food have made wedding dinners something of a new creation. I think this is great and shows how the world is coming together to make a better place for all of us to live together in harmony.

When I got married my bride was half Mexican and half Irish. I am an American with German ancestry. Our wedding dinner was an outstanding cultural mix. The Mexican side of the family took over and made a traditional wedding meal from Mexico, called chicken mole’ and it was outstanding. Most of my family and friends had never tasted chicken mole’ so it was a real treat. My family did a traditional American meal which was BBQ. It was fabulous also. Our two cultures came together for a fabulous meal and some great fellowship.

So many wedding dinners can be bland and just uninviting. This has been the situation in America for two long now. The cultural influx of people from around the world to America has changed dramatically. Custom wedding catering might serve sushi at your wedding. You don’t have to be Japanese to do this. Americans are starting to unwind and enjoy different food from different countries. It has exposed many traditions from around the world that have made life better and more fun.

Even the style of wedding reception dinners has changed. The traditional American dinner was a sit down formal type of dining experience that ended with a toast to the bride and groom. This no longer has to be the case. Now you can put your personal touch on what and how you want your dinner served. You may even have a special way you want your guests to eat it. How about everyone gets to try to eat with chopsticks, or in the Hindi culture, there is no silverware. Everyone could eat with their fingers. It is up to the bride and groom what they want. After all, it is their wedding. Instead of a sit-down dinner, you could serve buffet style. That is what we did. Everyone could eat what they wanted and as much as they wanted. The food was left out long after the formal dinner for our guests to enjoy as they wished.

So times have changed and it is time for us to go along with it. Turn your wedding dinner into a feast with your taste all over it. You will cherish the moment and your guests will have something to remember about your wedding.

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