Getting Beer & Wine Licenses In Florida: All You Need To Know!

If you have a restaurant or eatery, it makes sense to get your alcohol-serving license. There are various kinds of licenses you can get in Florida. Many restaurateurs and caterers want the beer & wine license at the least, primarily because these two are most profitable. Also, not serving alcohol could be a competitive disadvantage, and no matter the food being served, beer & wine are usually preferred by most guests. In this post, we are discussing more on Florida beer and wine license.

How to apply for a beer & wine license?

Certain documents are required to get a beer & wine license in Florida. For instance, evidence is needed that the applicant has a lease or deed that proves occupancy. Approval is also necessary from local zoning authority, while the premise floor plan sketches must be submitted too. Registration papers with Florida Division of Corporations must be submitted in case of a corporation. The applicant must also furnish personal details, including details like if previous license was suspended/revoked. The application with necessary papers must be submitted to DABT district office manually, following which an inspection of the premises will be done, to determine if license application can be approved.

The types of beer and wine licenses in Florida

There are various types of beer and wine licenses in Florida that you can apply for. The first one is 2COP Liquor License, which allows beer and wine consumption both on and off premises. This is the license that most cafés, bars and restaurants must have to serve both beer and wine. The second one is 2APS Florida Liquor License, which allows to sell beer & wine off the premises. This is exactly what a supermarket would have. Gas stations and convenience stores also have the 2APS Florida Liquor License.

Seeking help

If you are not sure of how to apply for beer and wine licenses in Florida or are confused about categories and relevant aspects, it is wise to check online and find necessary details. There are also licensing brokerage firms that work with clients closely and offer all the help required to get a license for serving alcohol in Florida.

This is the best way to keep a check on the possible aspects that matter, and the fee you pay for these services are pretty negligible, compared to the advantages and assistance that they provide. Check online for services now!

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