Five Reason to Drink Craft Beer

Craft beer and macro beer seem like all beer; however, not so. There are many reasons to opt for craft beer over their macro counterparts. The next time you think about visiting the best brewery in arlington wa, consider the reasons below you must drink craft beer and pick wisely.


Big beer is generally marketed in a way that hides who owns the companies. Some major beer companies are not even owned by Americans anymore, although they try to hide it as much as possible. Usually, their commercials demonstrate good times in America while not addressing more than how cold their beer is.

As craft beer becomes more and more popular, big beer companies tried to subversively get on the act. If you do your homework online, you will find microbrews in craft beer clothing without advertisements on who is behind the beef. However, with craft beer, you can expect full transparency.

Better Ingredients

An average beer takes water, hops, yeast, and grains. However, only local breweries use high-quality, fresher, and organic materials. If you visit a local brewery, they will usually allow you to handle, smell, and taste the ingredients they use.

Beyond quality, beer lovers are concerned about what is going into the big beer brew. Some food bloggers even raise concerns over the potential of some macro beers containing additives like caramel coloring, corn syrup, and propylene glycol alginate (PDF).

Sustainable Brewing

The majority of craft brewers try to ply their craft in a sustainable way. They use composting, use equipment and practices that take fewer resources, and use alternative energy sources. And whenever you fill your keg locally, you are helping to reduce energy usage and waste.

Bonus Factor

In the craft beer world, beer lovers tend to get more of everything including more selections, more styles, and more love. While you can only find a few styles of beer that big commercial beer companies make. Also, creativity is flowing in the beer aisles. Then, there is the love of the craft. Most professional craft brewers started as home brewers and loved to experiment and expand the craft to create something new and better.

Health Benefits

Did you know that craft beer offers much of the same benefits that wines do? In fact, beer even trumps on wine in terms of its protein and vitamin B content and antioxidant makeup. Craft beer is also rich in silicon and studies found that it could protect against cognitive decline. However, keep in mind that such benefits will fluctuate with brewing practices and the quality of ingredients.

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