Exklusiv Gin And Everything About It

Gin is a transparent, distilled liquor with juniper, florals, and fresh and dried fruit as the primary botanical flavors. The words genever (old English), genièvre (French), and jenever (Dutch) are all adaptations of the Latin word Juniperus, which means juniper tree.

A Dutch chemist first made juniper berry oil as a therapeutic, and it was subsequently blended with distilled liquor and botanicals to make it more appealing. People rushed to get their hands on this ‘genever’ that was exclusively available in pharmacies, and the number of ailments reported increased. The demand was so high that a flurry of tiny distilleries sprouted, giving birth to the commercial, non-medicinal version.

During the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), English troops fighting alongside the Dutch recognized that the Dutch soldiers were exceptionally brave in battle. The calming properties of the genever, which they drank from little bottles hung on their belts, were credited to their bravery. The knowledge of this genever spread among English soldiers returning home from the war, and the Dutch began importing it all over the world in their large fleet of trading ships.

Following the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857, British settlers began flocking to India, and Gin & Tonics became extremely popular. As individuals tried to avoid malaria, demand for “Indian Tonic Water” grew. You can make your own gin, which is simply flavored vodka, at home. Infusing vodka with juniper berries and other spices and botanicals, on the other hand, is as easy as it gets.

Since the beginning of mixed drinks, gin has always been a significant element. The Vesper (a favorite of one 007), Bees Knees, French 75, White Lady, and Negroni are just a handful of our legendary gin beverages. Without gin, there would be no Martini. Without the most vital ingredient, the fresh, bright, and pure Gin Gimlet would not be a summer classic.

Each gin brand has its own distinct flavor profile. In most types of gin, the pine flavor of the juniper berry is prominent. Gin botanicals include angelica root, orris root, grapefruit peel,  licorice root, orange peel, cassia bark,  and dried herbs like coriander and anise. While all gins contain juniper, each gin brand is distinguished by its other botanical ingredients.

Exklusiv Gin

The Taste of Mallorca offers Exklusiv Gin that is carefully handpicked from the finest Gin producers in the country. The three different Exklusiv Gin offered are the Palma Gin, Palma Oak Spiced Gin, and the Miquel Oliver Aia 2014.

The vision for the Exklusiv Gin Palma Gin was to have a traditional Mediterranean taste to it of the Mallorca island. The entire design ranging from the taste to the design of the bottle was carefully planned for years by the founder Byron Holland.

On the other hand, the Exklusiv Gin of Miquel Oliver Aia 2014 is a deep cerise color. Strong scent, rich with toasted woods and fruit tones. Merlot varietal with an original set. Very well-crafted, with a lot of emotion. In Palma, Mallorca, it’s a best seller.

In conclusion Taste of Mallorca hosts some of the best Exklusiv Gin from all across Europe for its valuable customers.

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