Craving For A Beer Cocktail? Nothing Beats A Michelada!

Michelada, for the uninitiated, is a classic beer cocktail with origins in Mexico. While there are different legends about the drink actually originated, there is no denying that michelada is a cult favorite. It is also called a chelada, and the good news is you can make michelada at home without any hassle. All you need is the right recipe and michelada mix for sale, and in this post, we are discussing more on how to get it right, with different variations that can be considered.

Making the classic michelada

The classic michelada requires nothing but a spice mix (available ready in the market), salt, lime juice and chilled beer. You need to use ice-cold beer mug for the recipe, or make sure that you have stocked enough ice. Next, rim the glass of the mug with salt, for which you can apply some lime. Add some lime juice in the glass now, add michelada mix, and pour in the chilled beer. You can check the michelada mix bottle to know the exact amount that would be required for each drink. As for the beer, you can use a mix that you like.

What else to include in a michelada?

There are literally endless variations of the michelada. All you need is the right beer and michelada mix to get the concoction right. Many people like the mix of lime and cilantro, while some prefer tomato sauce. If you want to try michelada in a different way, you can make popsicles from the final drink. For those who are a bigger fan of spicy beer drinks, michelada can be made with a much stronger beer. Michelada can be served with some fried bacon for that extra burst of flavors in the mouth. Some recipes also use pineapple and tequila, while others may use grenadine or other inclusions.

Things to know

As you may have guessed by now, michelada can be made in many ways, and it’s up to you to decide what you prefer more. If you have the right spice mix, making a chelada doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Note that michelada is always served chilled, and most experts recommend using a cooled mug for the preparation. You can serve michelada for lunch and dinner. In fact, it could be the next best thing for a party where you don’t want to serve the same old beer.

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